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Church at 3000 Northwest Loop 820, Fort Worth, TX 76179

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in Fort Worth, TX

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  • I love Crosspoint! Crosspoint has been my church ever since I moved to Fort Worth 11 years ago. Pastor Todd is kind. His sermons are wise, inspirational, and gives encouragement. I enjoy the short "Coffee Talk", given by Pastor Todd and his wife, Anna, at the beginning of the service. They speak on a variety of everyday-type subjects, in an exchange of light, good-natured, and thoughtful remarks.

    The musical band is awesome! The worsbip director, and the talented guitarists, keyboard player, drummer, and singers, give such joy to the service. I love the worship of the Lord!

    My 11-year-old granddaughter accepted Christ and was baptized here at Crosspoint. It was a day of celebration for her parents and her grandmother!

    The people at Crosspoint have kind,generous hearts. They have beautiful smiles. It is definitely a family church. There are many activities available for children up through Seniors.

    This is a great place to be.

    Added November 02, 2021 by Linda Tijerina
  • This is my church and my family!! We have a wonderful lead Pastor, an awesome youth pastor and a terrific children's pastor! If you are looking for a church home please consider our loving church!

    Added May 09, 2017 by Susan Cottle
  • Great Worship! Welcoming people! Community and mission minded hearts!

    Added December 26, 2016 by Anna Derbyshire
  • I love this church. I have been attending since a little girl. I've tried out other churches and haven't found one that I've loved as much as this one. I love my church!

    Added November 03, 2016 by Ashley Stanton
  • CrossPoint is an unapologetic Bible believing and preaching church. Those of all races and ages are welcomed by open arms and smiling faces. One is made to feel like family here. Love CrossPoint Church.

    Added October 12, 2016 by Dan Cottle
  • SUCH A FRIENDLY CHURCH. The most loving and welcoming church I have found, after a very long search. My family felt at home, including my teens. I wish I had visited sooner!

    Added October 08, 2016 by SHERRI MATHIS
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