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Church at 6741 Oak Crest Drive West, Fort Worth, TX 76140

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in Fort Worth, TX

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  • On Father's Day what better way to be thankful than to be able to be at church being able to appreciate the one father who never holds back his love or his presence?
    I like Vertical church because of the homey atmosphere it provides. When I first attended on Easter 2017 I immediately felt brother/sisterhood in the congregation. I love Pastor Jim Norwood. He always makes me feel like he is speaking directly to me and things pertaining to my spiritual life.
    He is truly a man of God.
    I am really not a very social person,nor have I ever been one to want to go to church. But,here at (formally Oak Crest)
    The Vertical Church I have found a home for my spiritual needs.

    Added July 24, 2017 by Monica Gold
  • The people are friendly. I am a work in progress ...with the Grace of God I am still here struggling but I would not change a thing Jesus is my Savior and I keep coming to hear his word.

    Added April 18, 2017 by Teresa Mena
  • Awesome service.....and they help families with needs....God is truly good..

    Added March 22, 2017 by Rachelle Garces
  • This is a wonderful place to be closer to the Lord.

    Added September 28, 2016 by Palma Norwood
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